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Tax time can be a very exciting time of year for some, it is great to get a kick-back on the tax we have paid over the last 12 months to go towards a new set of golf-clubs, a vacation or pay for house renovations. But for others, tax time can be a stressful time. A good return can make the difference between making ends meet, paying off credit-card debt or the next lot of bills due.

If you own investments in property, cryptocurrency/shares or any other form of investment, we help you prepare your tax obligations in line with regulations to minimise potential taxes and maximise potential refunds. We thoroughly review your situation and make recommendations as we see fit based on your own financial situation.

At MDC we understand the importance of getting a great tax return. We pride ourselves on assisting you to receive as much back into your pocket as possible. We do our best to understand your individual circumstances and utilise our years of experience to give you the best opportunity to maximise your return.

Over 12 million taxpayers have their returns lodged by a tax agent. The difference between one agent to another comes down to the relationships they build and the service they provide. MDC take the hassle out of tax preparation using the latest cloud-based technology and professional staff who are across all aspects of the latest tax laws. You’ll be sure MDC will do their best to minimise tax and help you get the best tax return outcome possible.

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